Heroes of the month: Julie & Allen


Julie & Allen @ Atherton QLD

Date of release: 08/08/2019

Julie & Allen are adopting 10th, 12th, Robert, Grove  Kelly Streets, Tolga Rd, First Ave & Railway Lane, Atherton Qld.

Heroes of the month: Belinda & James


Belinda & James

Date of release: 06/07/2019

 Belinda and James are amongst our best Waste Warriors & have set up a Facebook page & will be doing Instagram for our community as well. A fabulous young couple.

Hero of the month: Suzanne Orme


Suzanne (Suzy) Orme

Date of release: 09/06/2019

Zuzy help recruiting many adopt a street volunteers, and takes action to clean up the Davies Street at Chatwood NSW.

Hero of the month: Lain Tapsall


Lain Tapsall

Date of release: 10/05/2019

Lain's coffee cart uses real mugs, bye bye plastic!


Hero of the month: Sue Burke


Sue Burke

Date of release: 01/04/2019

Sue is a regular clean up and bush care warrior, spend years long effort for better environment.

Hero of the month: Chris Axtens, Gray & Marianne Wilson


Chris Axtens & Gray Wilson & Marianne Wilson

Date of release: 01/03/2019

 Getting Fitter With Litter comes to Lismore with  Chris Axtens, Gray Wilson, Marianne Wilson. 

Hero of the month: NoMorePlastic.com.au



Date of release: 01/02/2019


Hero of the month: Bob Hawke


Bob Hawke

Date of release: 01/01/2019

 Passionate environmentalist Bob Hawke in Clive Park in 2018

Hero of the year 2018: Vaughan Wellington


Vaughan Wellington

Date of release: 25/12/2018

 Vaughan Wellington funds and skippers the research vessel Viking for nine months every year. 

In Memory of Ian Kiernan, Ao.

 As a mark of our deep respect for the late great Ian Kiernan Get Fitter With Litter will be making a special effort to help next years “Clean Up Australia Day” to be the best ever.

We urge everyone who cares about the environment to put 3rd Mach 2019 in your diary and make the commitment to get involved.



Our Hero of the month: Sophia



Date of release: 16/11/2018

Sophia Collected 12,000 and more signatures on a petition to ban single use plastics in NSW. 

She presented it to The Presmire who unfortunately prefers to leave solutions for this problem to others.

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