Adopt a street

Adopt a street and keep it neat:

 Our mission is small steps toward better environment. Each volunteer take one street at a time, and keep clear of the plastic. 

Please put your contact details in the form, and we will contact you and send out a free bag for your mission.

We encourage you to action ASAP, and take as many photos as you, and with your consent we will promote your valuable efforts on our website and facebooks, and other social media in the future.  

Please get involved and help make our suburbs more beautiful!

For Example: 

Don Wilson is looking after:

Sailor Bay road, Northbridge, NSW 2063. It is about two killometre long, and is scheduled to clean up once per week.


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Adopt a street and keep it neat:

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Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia

0417 285 871

Our Volunteers and their effort